Jackson County Community Fuels

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Welcome to the Community and Agency Fuels and Effectiveness Website

Jackson County Integrated Fire Plan

Since the creation of the National Fire Plan in 2000 and passage of the Healthy Forests Restoration Act in 2003, communities have an increased opportunity to participate in federal agency wildfire fuels management planning, to receive funding for fuels management on private lands, and to be active participants in reducing wildfire risk throughout the county.

The purpose of the plan is to assist residents, property owners and agency officials in the planning area to be prepared for a potential wildfire event. The plan identifies high risk areas and individual parcels that are most vulnerable to wildfire. It also offers strategies and methods for reducing wildfire risk in these areas.
The Community and Agency Fuels Effectiveness Map (CAFÉ Map) website is designed to provide fuels management and defensible space data to government agencies, private forestry industries, and the general public. In its initial implementation, this website allows government agencies to upload GIS data that reflects their current accomplishments in fuels management. All agency data will be appended to a comprehensive fuels treatment dataset and made available to everybody through download.

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