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NAME OF ROAD 3rd STREET in C;ENTRAT, PCT', - <br />TERMINI: <br />ROAD No.. <br />STATUS OF ROAD <br />876 <br />(Beginning of Rood) (End of Rood) <br />CITY <br />DOCUMENTS OF ESTABLISHMENT <br />SEC'S <br />TWP - RANGE <br />NATURE QF DOCUMENTS DATE WHERE RECORDED CONTENTS <br />2. Resolution <br />C. J. V. 6? - P. 656 <br />5-14-65 Copy this file Surrender of <br />Jurisdiction over <br />3rd Street from <br />Pine Street to <br />4 Mazama Street in <br />Central Point. <br />5. Agreement 6-2-64 Copy this file Re: above <br />6. Order <br />6-9-65 Copy this file Re: above <br />7. <br />8 Order - Stop Sig. <br />9 County -City Arterial St.Agreement 1/10/75 CJV 80, P.12 <br />C.J. V. 62-P. 688 <br />Copy this file <br />1-16-74 C.J.V. 727P. 273, <br />10 Agreement <br />1/15/75 CJF 80, P 16 I. 17 <br />Copy this file__ <br />C'npy thisfila_ <br />11 Resolution 11/29/73 CJV 80, P.18 Copy this file <br />12. Resolution No. 330 (in file) 2-12-81 City of Central Pt. <br />13. <br />14 <br />15. <br />MAPS, TRACINGS, Etc. (not in this File) <br />Accepting <br />jurisdiction of <br />certain portions <br />1 Paving Plan and Profile Drawer G <br />2. <br />3 <br />4._ <br />DATA: <br />RIGHT OF WAY WIDTH <br />LENGTH IN MILES <br />MAJOR IMPROVEMENTS: <br />HISTORICAL NOTE: <br />(feet) (How Established) <br />