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OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC WORKS <br />January 10, 1975 <br />TO: BOARD OF COiiilISSIO iERS <br />RE: COUNTY -CITY ARTERIAL STREET AGREEMENTS BETWEEN <br />JACKSON COUNTY AND CITY OF CENTRAL POINT <br />Attached are two Agreements concerning innrovenents to <br />County Roads within the City Limits of Central Point, <br />specifica <br />between North 10th Street and <br />reet <br />4th -.‘"Street between Oak Street and Grand <br />Avenue <br />3rd Street has been finished and is satisfactory to the <br />City for acceptance and funds are available in the <br />County -City arterial account for payment. <br />4th Street will be constructed this coming summer by <br />the City. <br />Through an oversight on my part the original agreements <br />concerning these streets did not reach your Board for <br />signatures. <br />I am presenting them at this time so that the records <br />will be complete in this matter prior to payment of funds <br />to the City. <br />Respectfully, <br />t"J. arstensen <br />Director f Public Works <br />Attachments <br />RJC:bjb <br />