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FILE: 3rd Street (Central Point) <br />'' " . AL <br />c,ut'`c':1. 1:TS Yiic+�F. NOrrn:audy <br />-TREET <br />First Tutzclay. .Pi <br />i k IIbTart ugsst <br />�- CENTRAL P 01.NTT <br />Y1zy+ <br />April 1, 1964 <br />C, .w Court <br />=edford, Oregon <br />uent1eme.i: <br />Referring to the .:eeting held at the Central Point <br />Ii._11, on March 10, 1964 with you and Engineer Bob <br />,•:rstenson on the subject of Third Street Improvement. <br />A petition has been carried on Street Improvement <br />;,' i'hird Street, from Pine Street to ::azama Street, and we have <br />-„his time the necessary signatures of property owners to <br />r y this project. <br />would appreciate a letter from your body indicating <br />t.:at the County will reimburse the City of Central Point, Oregon <br />for the paving costs on this project. <br />Yours very truly, <br />,'L <br />F, Saxbury <br />Mayor <br />City of Central Point <br />FS/FWM <br />