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FILE! 3rd STREET <br />(Central Point) <br />April 22, 1964 <br />Mr. William Saxbury <br />Mayor of Central Point <br />City Hall <br />Central i oint, Ore; on <br />Dear Sir: <br />olosed find two co: ies of an agreement <br />in the matter of ,:ie improvement of Third Street <br />within the corporate li?its of Central Point from <br />Pine Street to 1'iazama Street. Both copies have <br />been executed by the County Court. <br />If the Oity of Central Point is in agree- <br />nent . with the terms of this document, ; execute <br />both copies and reain one copy for your file and <br />return the other copy to my office. <br />Very truly yours, <br />Robert J. C:trstensen <br />$JCC: aw <br />Enclosures: <br />