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rY, <br />FILE. 3rd Street (Central Point) <br />C. J. VOL. 61 PAGE 652 <br />A.GiMINT <br />878 <br />G _amu <br />THI£ AGR VENT made and entered into this day of <br />jure , 197' , by and betxeen JACKSON COUrTY, a political sub- <br />division cf the £tete of Oregon, acting by end through its duly es- <br />tablished and actin: County Court, hereinafter referred to as <br />County' and the CITY OF CENTRAL POINT, an Oregon municipality, <br />hereinafter referred to re City. <br />WITNESCETH. <br />WHEREAS, Third Street, within the corporate limits of <br />the City of Central Point, is a c,unty road, and the County has an <br />obligation towards the maintencnce of the traveled way of this <br />street; and <br />;SAS, it appears to be to the benefit of both the <br />County and the City to provide for permanent street improvements <br />on the above -said street to the extent that the City provide for <br />the construction cf curbs, cutters and drair.3ge facilities, and a <br />case course of crushed gravel; and the County to provide for a bi- <br />tuminous concrete prvement surface. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, it is mutually agreed as follows:— <br />THINGS TO HE DONE EY THE CITY: <br />1. Prepare plane and specifications for the <br />installation of curbs, Lutterc and drainage facil- <br />ities, cnd a suitable imported tase for the improve- <br />ment of Third Street, from Pine Street to Mazama <br />Street; cnd <br />2. Construct said curbs, utters and drain- <br />age facilities, and an imported base in accordance <br />with the above -said plans and specifications; and <br />3. Pay or cause to be paid, either by asseee- <br />rnent to abutting property or from the street funds <br />f the City, all costs incurred for engineering and <br />construction of the above -said curbs, gutters and <br />drainage facilities, and base. <br />