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1 <br />4 <br />FILE: THIRD STREET * C.P. <br />C.J. V. 62- P. 688 <br />IN Tr2 COUNTY COURT OF THE STATE OF OREGON <br />FOR THE COUNTY OF JACKSON <br />IN THE MATTER OF SURRENDERING <br />JURISDICTION OF THIRD STREET <br />FROM PINE STREET TO MAZAMA <br />STRUT IN CENTRAL POINT <br />3 <br />3 <br />ORDER <br />880 <br />THIS MATTER coming on for hearing this date after <br />due notice and there having been no objections or remonstrances, <br />and the Cbunty Court deems it for the best interest of the <br />public that the County of Jackson, Oregon, surrender its <br />jurisdiction of Third Street from Pine Street to Mazama Street <br />to the said City of Central Point, and <br />THEREFORE, IT IS HEREBY ORDERED tat pursuant to <br />ORS 373.270 (3) the County of Jackson, Ore; -on, does offer to <br />the City of Central Point to surrender its jurisdiction over <br />Third Street from Pine Street to Mazana Street in the City of <br />Central Point. <br />IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of tris order be <br />filed with the City Recorder. <br />DATED at Medford, Oregon, this 92 day of June, 1965. <br />JACKSON TY COURT: <br />1,,,t612County udge <br />County ommissioner <br />County commission <br />