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R EG <br />fHE HEART OF THE <br />fcx,LE RIVER VALLEY <br />250 E. PINE 5T. CENTRAL POINT, OREGON 97501 PHONE 664-1201 <br />September 16, 1974 <br />Jackson County Engineer <br />Jackson County Courthouse <br />?edf ord, Oregon 97501 <br />Dear Sir: <br />7.1 -!closed you ;-rill find a cop-; of the ..ort _^. _-.i-rd a: IAS. <br />annexation to the Citi of Central Point. <br />RGY:jcc <br />:closure <br />Very truly yours, <br />Ronald G. Young <br />City Administrator <br />City of Central Point <br />RECEIVER <br />SEP 181974 <br />JACKSON COUNTY DEPT. <br />of PU3L:C Y; ORK3 <br />,...t. ' - - - <br />