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vAl. <br />AGREEMENT <br />THIS AGREEMENT made this <br />/..t1-1›./day of �«� 1971, <br />between JACKSON COUNTY, a municipal corporation of the State of <br />Oregon, hereinafter called the "county" and the CITY OF CENTRAL <br />POINT, a municipal corporation of the State of Oregon, hereinafter <br />called the "city", <br />WITNESSETH: <br />1. Third ,treet between Mazama Street and Tenth Street is a <br />county road within the City of Central Point and increased vehicular <br />traffic and the arterial nature of the said thoroughfare make it <br />necessary and desirable in the public interest, and for the benefit <br />of abutting areas, that the said Third Street be widened and im- <br />proved. <br />2. During 1974 the city shall improve Third Street between Mazama <br />Street and Tenth Street by causing the same to be paved to a width <br />of 40 feet and by causing construction of gutters and other im- <br />provements thereon, all as shown in the plan for said proposed <br />widening and paving, a copy of which plan is marked Exhibit "A" <br />and attached hereto and made a part hereof for all purposes. <br />3. The county shall contribute to the cost of said widening and <br />improvement of Third Street a sum equal to the cost of the asphalt <br />paving to the above width, constructed and installed in accordance <br />with Exhibit "A" and the city's specifications, said amount to be <br />based upon actual contract cost and to be paid upon completion of <br />the proposed improvement. <br />- 1 - AGREEMENT <br />3'2j <br />