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RESOLUTION NO. ! "Ar <br />THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF CENTRAL POINT DOES <br />HEREBY <br />RESOLVE that the City Council having approved the <br />widening and improvement of Third Street from North Tenth <br />Street to Mazama Street in the City of Central Point and <br />having authorized and ordered the construction of curbs, gutters <br />and sidewalks, and having approved the contribution by Jackson <br />County to the cost of said widening and improvement of Third <br />Street a sum equal to the cost of the asphalt paving in accordance <br />with plans and specifications prepared by the engineer for <br />the City of Central Point and thereafter the transfer of jurisdic- <br />tion over said oortion of Third Street to the City of Central <br />Point pursuant to ORS 373.270, the Mayor and City Recorder <br />are hereby authorized to execute on behalf of the City of Central <br />Point an agreement setting forth the obligation of Jackson <br />County to contribute to the cost of such improvement as above <br />set forth and the obligation of the City to take all steps <br />necessary to acquire jurisdiction over said portion of Third <br />Street pursuant to the provisions of ORS 373.270. <br />ATTEST: <br />adf <br />City <br />ty Kei'or <br />/ //-=- 9/ 73 <br />Det./3. iy7.1 <br />