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1 <br />20Q Agteiope Road <br />White C;ty, Oregon 97501 <br />DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS <br />May 11, 1978 <br />City of Central Point <br />City Hall <br />Central Point, OR 97502 <br />Phore 626-3122 <br />ATTENTION: Mayor Jack W. Snook <br />Dear Mayor Snook: <br />I have been reviewing the status of certain County roads located within <br />the City of Central Point and it appears that the procedure to transfer <br />jurisdiction of the following streets to the City has never been completed: <br />1. Third Street (Pine Street to Mazama) <br />Agreement dated July 20, 1964 <br />(a) City Ordinance required accepting jurisdiction <br />from Jackson County <br />2. Third Street (North 10th to Mazama) <br />Fourth Street (Oak Street to Grand Avenue) <br />Agreement dated January 15, 1975 <br />(a) City to request Jackson County to surrender <br />jurisdiction; other documents will be prepared <br />by the County. <br />I would like to resolve these matters as soon as possible and I will be <br />happy to work with your staff toward this end. If you have any questions <br />regarding these matters, please call me. <br />Very truly yours, <br />W. Curtis Tecmire <br />REAL PROPERTY OFFICER <br />Jackson County Public Works <br />WCT/sdw <br />