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LAV/ O=FIC=S OF <br />GRANT, FERGUSON & CARTER <br />ROBERT H. GRANT <br />WILLIAM H. FER3USON <br />WILLIASI G. CARTER <br />EDWARD W. GRANT. ASSOCIATE <br />May 22, 1978 <br />Mr. W. Curtis Tecmire <br />Department of Public Works <br />Jackson County Courthouse <br />Medford, OR 97501 <br />THIRD LEVEL <br />221 WEST MAIN STREET <br />MEDFORD. OREGON 97.501 <br />TELEPHONE (503) 773-6472 <br />Re: Surrender of Jurisdiction: <br />(1) Third Street from North Tenth to Mazama <br />(2) Fourth Street from Oak to Grand <br />Dear Yr. Tecmire: <br />Pursuant to your request of .1ay 11, 1978, on behalf <br />of the City of Central Point, request is hereby made to <br />Jackson County to surrender jurisdiction of the above <br />sections of street within the City, pursuant to the <br />earlier agreement between the City of Central Point and <br />Jackson County, Oregon. <br />Very truly yours, <br />GRANT, FERGUSON & CARTER <br />• <br />By William G. Carter <br />WGC/ms <br />cc: Dave Kucera, <br />City Administrator <br />MAY 3 0 1378 <br />J.,CK`_ON C. UN Y DEPT. <br />of PU3:1:: WO3KS <br />