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IF <br />RESOLUTION NO. <br />.53 0 <br />A RESOLUTION ACCEPTING JURISDICTION OF THIRD STREET <br />BETWEEN NORTH TENTH AND MAZAMA, FOURTH STREET <br />BETWEEN OAK AND GRAND AND PINE STREET BETWEEN FOURTH <br />AND SIXTH STREETS WITHIN THE CITY OF CENTRAL <br />POINT, OREGON FROM JACKSON COUNTY, OREGON <br />RECEIVED <br />FEB 2 31981 <br />JACKSON COUNTY DEPT, <br />F+JBJC WoRgs <br />WHEREAS, an agreement has heretofore been entered into <br />between the governing bodies of Jackson County, Oregon and the <br />City of Central Point, Oregon providing for the improvement of <br />the following described streets within the City, and upon com- <br />pletion of said improvements, for the acceptance of said streets <br />by the City of Central Point, relieving Jackson County of any <br />further obligation toward maintenance or improvement thereof, and <br />WHEREAS, all improvements have been completed pursuant <br />to the terms of said agreemer.L and the Board of County Commissioners <br />has offered to surrender jurisdiction thereof to the City, now, <br />therefore, <br />BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br />CENTRAL POINT, OREGON that pursuant to ORS 373.270 the City by <br />this resolution accepts jurisdiction of Third Street between <br />North Tenth and. <br />and Fourth Street bct ed Gr <br />en Oak ?r,and anc3 <br />Mazama, <br />Pine Street between Fourth and Sixth Streets and accepts the order <br />of the Jackson County Board of Commissioners surrendering juris- <br />diction of the same. <br />Passed by the Council and signed by me in authentication <br />of its passage this / - day of <br />1981. <br />A <br />' / /� • / > <br />Mayor =—l" <br />Page 1 - Resolution No. .5:30 <br />