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CITY OF JACKSONVILLE <br />P. O. BOX 7 <br />JACKSONVILLE. OREGON 97530 <br />February 6, 1975 <br />Jackson County Commissioners <br />Court House <br />Medford, Oregon 97501 <br />Dear Commissioners: <br />In consideration of the completion of the construction by the <br />County Public iaorks Department on South Third Street from its <br />intersection with Sterling Street to the corporate city <br />limits, the Jacksonville City Council, at their regular <br />meeting on February 4, 1975, requests the County to transfer <br />the jurisdiction of said County road to the City. <br />Further, the Council asks the Commission to consider con- <br />struction of asphalt overlay on the balance of the street <br />from Sterling Street intersection to California Street and <br />to include this project in this year's program. <br />We commend the Public Works Department for their excellent <br />work and consideration extended to the citizens of the area <br />during time of construction. <br />Thank you for your consideration and cooperation. <br />Sincerely, <br />CITY OF JACKSONVILLE <br />Arthur V. ltiville, Administrator <br />CC: Bob Carstenson, Bill Gaddis <br />Encl. <br />AVM/c <br />RECEIVED <br />FEB 7 1975 <br />JACKSON COUNTY CEPT. <br />of PUS' IC WORKS <br />