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. ts' J a- ati <br />S' ! 1. �� '�;- _ X: 2 _ <br />i <br />r,'. <br />• <br />AGREEMENT <br />►c. 31 „„oe 652 <br />THIS AGREEMENT made between the City of Jacksonville, an <br />Oregon municipal corporation, hereinafter called "City", and Jackson <br />County, a political subdivision of the State of Oregon, hereinafter <br />called "County", <br />WITNESSETH: <br />1. Third Street from Sterling Street to California Street, <br />is a county road and is portrayed in the attached sketch thereof marked <br />Exhibit <br />2. During the fiscal year 1975-76 the County shall overlay <br />said county road with asphalt pavement to a thickness of not -1( 7s than <br />four inches and extending over the existing gravel shoulder so as to <br />provide for approximately six (6) feet of additional pavement width <br />where possible. The parties do not desire to incur any possibility of <br />liability to abutting property owners by any improvement which so alters <br />the grade or elevation of the road bed adjacent to said properties as <br />to unreasonably impair access thereto, therefore, wherever the six (6) <br />feet of additional width may cause such impairment of access or require <br />reconstruction of the road bed, the pavement shall be widened as much <br />as practicable without causing such impairment or requiring such re- <br />construction_ If there are any places where such a differential in <br />elevation might result from the proposed paving, County will prepare <br />a preliminary plan or sketch showing the width and differences in ele- <br />vation at such place or places and submit it to the Council for exam- <br />ination and approval before proceeding with the project. <br />3. In consideration of the foregoing, and following completion <br />Agreement - 1 <br />